Why we love the Bowflex SelectTech Weight Bench 5.1


One of the best and safest ways to lift weights and build your body is with the help of a weight bench. You will find many weight benches in the market but the one I would recommend is t

One of the best and safest ways to lift weights and build your body is with the help of a weight bench.

You will find many weight benches in the market but the one I would recommend is the Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Weight Bench Series 5.1.


This weight bench has all the features you would need and is by far one for the best ones available in the market.

Below in this article I have covered all the details and features that you need to know about the Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Weight Bench Series 5.1.


Weight and dimensions

The dimensions of the Bowflex SelectTech Series 5.1 are 56″ x 26″ x 20″. This weight bench weighs a total of 62 lbs. It is quite light as compared to some other weight benches.

User weight capacity

The Bowflex SelectTech Series 5.1 can take a maximum user weight of 300 lbs. This weight bench is quite solidly built and thus comes with a load limit of 480 lbs.


Other Features and Warranty

The Bowflex SelectTech Series 5.1 is known for its strength and durability and if you use it properly it can easily last you for many years. You can adjust this weight bench to a total of 6 levels depending on your comfort.

The 6 levels to which this weight bench can be adjusted are a 17 degree decline, flat, a 30 degree incline, a 45 degree incline, a 60 degree incline and a also 90 degree incline.

This weight bench comes with a leg brace that you can remove in case you do not want it. The leg brace is there to provide you with extra support and balance.

One of the biggest advantages of getting a Bowflex is that it will make it easier for you to build your body because with it you can do 30 exercises.

It also comes with transport wheels and thus you can easily move it from one place to another.

Another feature you will love about the weight bench is that it comes with a warranty of 30 years on the frame.

As far as the parts are concerned they come with a warranty of 1 year thus you do not have to worry about anything while buying it.

Our Verdict

The Bowflex SelectTech Weight Bench Series 5.1 is one of the best weight benches you can buy. This weight bench will ensure that you do your exercises well and that you get the most of your exercises. Apart from that it will ensure you do not get injured. Not only is this weight bench built strongly but it also comes with quite a long warranty. Apart from that the cost of this weight bench is also reasonable and thus you should definitely consider buying it if you want a weight bench. With this weight bench your investment would not go waste.


Our advice to get the right Boxing Shorts


Amateur and professional fighters around the world have always worn custom fight wear. Back in the 20th Century and before, the boxer wear was nothing more than thin boxing shorts. Today, it’s all about the style, design, and the safety needs of each boxer.Post1

Confidence is something every boxer needs, and the right boxer wear can help elevate it. The goal is to step into the ring with all the confidence and comfort in the world. Plus, looking like a professional boxer (even if you’re not) can be quite intimidating to opponents.

There are several options available, but some of them might not be for you. In this case, it’s important to find a boxer wear company that offers custom fight wear. This way you can find the perfect fabrics, and even sport your personal branded design.

When choosing the right boxer wear, it’s also important to differentiate what you need during a bout and what is needed for training. You should also consider a different style of boxer wear for your sparring as well.

Some individuals want to look like their favorite professional boxer, but others are the professionals. The best boxer wear companies are well aware of the needs of each fighter, especially when it comes to women.

Even though men’s boxing has been popular for hundreds of years, women boxers still need the same type of benefits. However, the garments have to be able to offer them a feminine appeal at the same time. Add in a little extra for a unique look and she is sure to turn heads in the ring, even if her uppercut doesn’t hit the mark.

It’s important to understand that fighters come from several different backgrounds, classes, and cultures. Their choices will vary from yours, but everyone will be looking for the best boxer wear available. Online boxer wear retail stores will be the only places you can find this type of selection.

When making any boxer wear purchase online, it’s important to use the site’s sizing charts. It doesn’t matter if you’re purchasing a jacket, jeans, shorts, skirts, or sports bras, because you need to find the right match.

Sometimes, the best angle to take is measuring some of your current boxer wear. When you view the size chart on a site, see if you can find the same dimensions needed. If not, go for the closest in size.

Also, if you want to make custom fight wear, be sure to follow the instructions accordingly. There is nothing worse than providing a rough drawing or giving your information to an expert and something ends up missing.

In the end, boxer wear can make a huge difference in the way you fight. If you’re the type of person that feels good when you look flashing before jumping into the ring, it’s smart to get new boxer wear. Then again; if you want to make a name for yourself and create a one-of-a-kind look, a custom design is your best bet.


Where beginners can get Good Boxing Equipment from?


If you live in the UK and you’re looking for a website where you can buy all you boxing gear at Amazon. They have everything you need to get you in peak boxing shape.

This site is very easy to navigate and it’s easy to find any type of Boxing Equipment you need.

Accessories, clothing, footwear, gloves, Punch Bags, protection, MMA equipment it’s all right here they even have boxing rings if you’re in the market for one.

This site is jammed packed with all types of information. If you are considering getting into boxing or fighting this is the site to come to and learn all about it. The first page has information on the history of boxing and the rules of fighting. So read all you can about each one before entering into the realm. Everything you want to know about the rich history of boxing even going back to the early times of boxing is all on the first page.


The second page has boxing accessories such as skip ropes, boxing gloves, body protections and even toys and collectibles for those that love collecting memorabilia.
The third page has everything you need to build your own boxing ring. This is a great page for those that have the room at home to build their own boxing ring. When you love the sport and want to in peak boxing condition all the time you need to have a boxing ring at home to practice.

If you are in need of boxing clothing there is a page with a wide variety of vests, shorts, socks and tops.

Amazon carries top of the line clothing like Adidas that features TechWeb power vests and punch vests to keep you protected while boxing or fighting.

The next page is wrestling and boxing boots and shoes in a wide variety of styles again from Adidas who is the leading in boxing and fighting gear.
If you are just starting out in boxing you need to have special gear that is made to protect rookies.

It has all the equipment a rookie needs to stay protected while getting in peak boxing condition. Once your body has adjusted to boxing you can move onto clothing that is made for those that have been boxing for a while. There is a difference in the clothing.

Rookie clothing is made of a stronger and more durable material since rookies are still get toughened up to boxing. Those that have been in the ring for a while still require protective clothing but not as much protection as rookies.

Those that fight MMA will have a variety of clothing and equipment to choose from as well. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional MMA fighter you will have no trouble finding exactly what you need on this site.

Another great feature is that its currently offering free shipping. So go ahead and fill your wish list with all the equipment you need. Currently this site is only available for UK customers only.


What you need to know about the all new Lacrosse Bag


The boys at Maverik have done it again.

You’ve seen Paul Rabil rockin’ it, and now you can too. Introducing the Maverik Monster Urban Camo Lacrosse Bag.


The massive lacrosse bag that fits all your gear is now fully styled in “urban camouflage,” and is currently available in 6 different handle colors: Red, Royal Blue, Black, Green, Navy Blue, and Orange. Don’t miss out, these guys will not be available for long.


The best goalie gloves for your upcoming soccer match


We’ve long believed that the difference between high quality and low quality soccer goalie gloves can have an immense impact on soccer goalies’ level of play. That’s why we make sure to find the best gloves out there so goalies can play their best, all while protecting their fingers from harms way.

Post_4According to a recent ranking by Yahoo!, the best soccer goalie gloves available are the Nike Goalkeeper Spyne Pro Soccer Goalie Gloves.

Nike Goalkeeper Spyne Pro Soccer Goalie Gloves

These gloves are available in sizes 7-9 for youths. With 3M shock absorbers and T90 Spyne finger supports for hand protection, your goalie won’t come home with aching or damaged fingers.


Where to get your own customized Baseball Jerseys


The baseball season is two weeks in, so it’s the perfect time to suit up and support your squad. Introducing the new 2011 Batting Practice Jerseys from Majestic, these baseball jerseys offer an alternative to the common threads worn by most fans at the game.Post_6

These Cool Base Jerseys are just like the ones the players wear before the game. Choose from blank jerseys MLB BP Jerseys with no names or numbers at $79.99, or Custom MLB BP Jerseys with any player’s name and number or your own name and number at $99.99.

The custom jerseys allow you to put any player’s name and number on the back of his respective jersey, which is great if you’re looking for that hard to find player’s jersey (Chooch fans, rejoice).

We’ve also made a set of MLB Player Specific Batting Practice Jerseys, where you can find some of the hottest names in baseball and ready to order at your disposal.


4 Driveway basketball hoops every bastkeball fan must have

Triple Threat TPT554-LG Basketball Hoop

The sun is out and here to stay in much of the great USA. Going outside and shooting hoops is a popular way to spend time out in the spring and summer months, which is why we fully loaded our basketball hoop lineup for you this season.

If you are looking for a driveway basketball hoop, SportsUnlimited.com is your home to find the perfect basketball system for your needs.

And it’s never been easier with our fully updated Basketball Hoop Comparison Chart, where you can find the systems organized by type and size in a straightforward manner.

We’ve compiled a ranking of the top residential adjustable basketball hoops for the current season.

The rankings are completely subjective, and are compiled incorporating price, quality, and value of the basketball hoop. Without further ado, the top driveway basketball hoops are:

Spalding Arena View 88724AGP

The Spalding Arena View 88724AGP is the baddest of the bunch. It has an absolutely massive 8″ square steel pole made of 3/16″ steel, giving it supreme rigidity, or stability, which is the truest measure in quality for basketball systems.

The Arena View has a 42″ x 72″ heavy-duty tempered glass backboard that measures 1/2″ thick, providing superior rebound-ability (new word) that trumps any other backboard material on the market.


A 180 degree flex action breakaway rim and stadium style pole pad finish the touch on this beast, while an official four-foot regulation offset allows you to play under-the basket and reduces the risk of injury from running into the pole.

Adjusting the behemoth has never been easier, as an ergonomically designed U-Turn Pro system allows you to easily adjust the system from 7′ to regulation 10′ heights.

It’s supported by a bolt down anchor system, rather than a concrete in-ground bury, meaning if you end up moving, you can remove the system and take it with you.

If you’re looking for the best basketball hoop for your driveway, this Spalding Arena View Basketball Hoop is the end-all be-all system for you.

Triple Threat TPT554-LG Basketball Hoop

The Triple Threat TPT554-LG Basketball Hoop is, quite frankly, the new kid on the block. It’s supported by a 5″ square post, and just like the Spalding Arena View, it is supported by a bolt down anchor base system rather than a concrete burial.

Triple Threat TPT554-LG Basketball Hoop

The TPT554-LG has a 36″ x 60″ Tempered Glass backboard that is 1/2″ thick, and a spring aided crank makes it simple to adjust the hoop from 10 feet all the way down to 5 feet!

The system comes with a free post pad and backboard pad, and has an offset of 48″ between the backboard and the pole, enhancing the safety of the hoop and reducing injury.

Goalrilla GS II Basketball Hoop

The Goalrilla GS II Basketball Hoop is a mega-popular, best-selling basketball system from the highly recognized Goalrilla Basketball brand.

The GS II has a 6″ x 6″ one-piece pole, providing exceptional rigidity, so it won’t shake when you shoot. It features a 38″ x 60″ tempered glass backboard that measures 3/8″ thick, which is not quite as thick as the Spalding Arena View or the Triple Threat TPT554LG, yet it is still a high quality backboard.

Goalrilla GS II Basketball Hoop

A Breakaway Heavy Flex Rim allows you to play aggressively without fear of damaging the rim, as the breakaway design reduces pressure on the backboard when pulled down, hence the “breakaway” designation.

Again, adjusting the system is very simple, thanks to the All-Steel Actuator which allows you to adjust the system with ease. Broomsticks need not apply.

Just to clear things up, the Bison Atlantis and the Bison Smoked Atlantis Basketball Hoops are the same exact systems, with the only difference being the “Smoked” backboard on the Smoked Atlantis system. The “smoked” glass is tinted, offering a modern look while reducing the glare from the sun.

Other than that, the two hoops are exactly the same. The Bison Atlantis Basketball Hoop is an affordable, quality basketball system perfect for many driveways across the nation.

The Atlantis has a 4″ x 4″ 1-piece pole that has 0.12″ walls, providing ample rigidity, yet not quite as much as the previously mentioned systems.

It features a 36″ x 54″ Clear TruGlass Backboard (Bison’s version of the tempered glass backboard), and the QwikLift System allows for infinite adjustment from 7.5′ up to 10′, meaning if you want the hoop to be set at 9’3″, have at it hoss.

Finding the ideal height is a reality with the Atlantis Hoop from Bison. The Atlantis also has a 36″ safety setback distance (aka offset), and comes with the often overlooked free fitted post pad. All in all, a great value for many households.

Spalding Triple Eight Basketball System

And last, but certainly not least, is the Spalding Triple Eight 88830G Basketball Hoop.

This Spalding Triple Eight Basketball System has a 38″ x 60″ glass backboard that measures 3/8″ thick, and even has a one-piece, 6″ square pole for supreme rigidity.

Spalding Triple Eight Basketball System

It has the U-Turn Pro Lift System for easy height adjustments, and it comes with a heavy-duty post pad that will significantly reduce the risk of injury for players under the basket.

Speaking of under the basket, this Triple Eight Hoop has a 3 foot offset, providing plenty of room for under the basket play.

An NBA logo on the pad finishes off the look, giving it that “official” touch. This is a great system for those looking for the Spalding System without breaking the bank.